Filicudi | About True Luxury

How to live luxuriously on The Island beyond the Moon – or the experience about things you cannot buy with money...

The Attention

The hospitality of the local islanders is legendary. Nobody passes you without a warm «Salve», the ancient Roman «Bless you!». See, feel, smell and hear with your own senses, without any surrogates. Watch rare butterflies or migratory cranes. Or observe the protected Eleonore Falcon from Madagascar which breeds in October in the subtropical flora on «La Canna», a rock close to Filicudi.

The Time

You cannot be reached if you swith your telephone off. No calendar or watch is needed. You will find your own rhythm, your real sleeping habits. The heartbeats and the footsteps are the measure of all things. Discover slowness.

The Space

From sunrise to sunset the blue wide Tyrrhenian Sea. At night, the clearest skies of Europe are spreading over the archipelago. The wide spaces open your heart.

The Silence

250 natives live in the southern part of the island. A single hotel has been built in the main harbour. Two thirds of the island are uninhabited wilderness. On one of the many hiking trails you can roam through abandoned mystical places. Breathing 4000 years of history. Finding yourself immersed in the pure perfume of the Maccia surrounded by a deep blue sea.

The Pristine Environment

Here you can breath clean air and drink the rainwater. A salty breeze carries the perfume of sage and lavender over the cliffs. When getting water from a cistern you learn to appreciate the value of a good. Only a few streets cross the landscape. Old trails and stony roads are keeping you in good shape. Walking past "strawberry trees" (arbutus unedo), passing white blossoms of cistrose bushes and euphorbias. For divers, the underwater visibility is still phenomenal around Filicudi.

The Safety

There are no poisonous animals on the island. The community is strong. Everyone knows everyone. Single women are respected. It's not a problem to walk alone through the sleeping olive groves at night. Crime is unknown except for small thefts. In the case of a minor illness, there is a small medical center on the island. For emergencies a helicopter will be called.

Poem | Who hears the wind

Who reads the grass
does need no books

Who looks at clouds
can travel far

Who is someone
has not to have

Who feels the sun
has not to fear

Who hears the wind
does listen for a long long while

From «Earflickers» by Orlando