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Discover the power and beauty of nature by joining our walkings on the Aeolian island of Filicudi – All year round Saturday walks in Italian for small groups!

A walk on the wild side

In 1997 three quarters of the 9.5 km2 island was turned into a Conservation Area. The Aeolian archipelago became a «World Heritage» area.

The number of lovers of this unspoiled jewel in the Mediterranean Sea with its 4000 years-old Greek-Roman history is increasing steadily.

Where do we go?

The Excursion starts in Valdichiesa, leading on ancient mule trails into the Natural Reservation. High above the populated part of the island, in the shade of an old St.John's tree we learn more about those who created this garden of Eden - and why they left for the USA and Australia.

1200 feet above sea level we reach the top of Montagnola, the long extinct volcano, from where we enjoy the superb panorama. Sitting in the sunset we look out for the boat which brought Ulysses and his men to this mythological place – some thousand years ago. On our way back, we may have a look at a sculpturer's artwork.

Prices & Walking days
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Mondays: April–Oktober

Saturdays: all year
(for small groups, in italian)

Price per person:

2–8 persons€ 38.-

9–12 persons€ 25.-

from 13 persons€ 20.-

Special prices and arrangements for groups up to 20 people on request

Included in this price is the historical and botanical information as well as the taxi service from the harbour to Valdichiesa

Prices and programs may change

What is Being Offered?

Botanics (from old Olive trees to healing herbs, etc.) Filicudi Flora (PDF)

Animals (from the Gecko to the endemic Eleanor Falcon)

History (4000 years of civilization and current local daily life)

When Do the Walks Take Place?

Every Monday in spring and fall (rain date: Thursday). There are also all year round Saturday walks in Italian for pre-booked groups

Every Saturday for italian speaking groups (Tour by Franco Cappadona)

Who Can Participate

People 10 or older in average shape. Please do wear good hiking boots since some trails ar rocky and slippery! A minimum of 4 participants per tour is necessary. Maximum of 15 to 20 people. The length of the walk is 3.75 miles (6 kilometers). Difference in altitude: 330 feet (100 meters).
Be sure to bring plenty of drinking water, as well as a hat! Approximate duration of the trip: 3½ hours

Meeting Point:

At the Cupola (chapel) at the end of the street from Valdichiesa (see picture below).

Departure 10am

Return around 1:30pm

Languages: English, German, French, Italian

Chapel and village of Valdichiesa

Orlando among a group of hikers

Special | Arrangements for groups

Special prices and arrangements for groups up to 20 people on request.
For example: Lunch walk for andy tourists on Filicudi (bring your own lunch)

Arrival in Filicudi 9:15am. The taxi from the harbor up to Valdichiesa is free

Departure for the walk 10am. Return 1:30pm

Lunch in a restaurant on Rocca di Ciavole is possible as is a visit on your own of Capo Graziano

Leaving Filicudi with Aliscaph/Ship 4pm. Arrival in Lipari around 5 pm

Longer and more difficult excursions to the top of the island (4 hours); a 2-hour-easy-walk to the ghost village of Zuccho Grande; and a wilderness trip to Siccagni (6 hours) can be organized with local guides.

Filicudi Arts

Engravings from 1873, done by the natural scientist, researcher and chronicler Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Habsburg-Austria

Ludwig Archduke of Habsburg found his Paradise on Mallorca: