Filicudi | Photo & Video

With streets and electricity Filicudi was propelled into the 20th century. But somehow one has still the feeling that «gray daily life» will never really get to this remote place.

It seems as if everyday life has no chance of conquering this stony, stubborn and timeless place in the Mediterranean seas. In 2000 the seven Aeolian islands became part of the UNESCO «World Heritage».

Photos over 30 years, selected by Orlando Cappadona:

  • Filicudi Island, with Alicudi in the back

  • Guesthouse Montepalmieri, 2012

  • Bindweed on the housefront

  • Absolutely clear water

  • Sunrise near Stromboli, 2012 Picture: Walter Schenker

  • Salina al sole, 2013 Picture: Leo Cappadona

  • Fog over Capo Graziono, 2012

  • Etna eruption seen from Filicudi, 1992

  • Home cavern of hermit Gilberto Picture: Gilberto Lippelt

  • Stefano †, voice & heart of Filicudi

  • AS Filicudi - Soccer, tough but fair

  • Procession for Mary on Filicudi

  • «Il Saloon» Pecorini Porto, romantic meeting point, 2002

  • The mysterious grotto Blue Marino, 1986

  • Beach Le Punte

  • Violet in the wild north of Filicudi, 2005

  • Remains of Zucco Grande village

  • A panoramic sight from the top of Filicudi

  • Jacaranda tree and the Guesthouse

  • Loggia: Decorative arts and view

  • Our Baobab

  • Yoga moment

Botanic Garten

  • Agave americana

  • Australischer Baobab

  • Bauhinia purpurea

  • Brasilianischer Klee

  • Erdbeerbaum (Arbutus unedo)

  • Eukalyptus globulus

  • Euphorbia

  • Greisenkaktus

  • Grevillea robusta

  • Nolina recurvata

  • Pfefferbaum (Schinus molle)

  • Thunbergia

Filicudi | Music & Literature

Album «Angels Music»
Meditative sounds with a great master of guitars: Jean-Pierre von Dach

Awarded book:
«The Island Beyond the Moon»
The award-winning story about the aeolian island Filicudi | English by Archibald McKenzie |